Transportation Services

Pick Up and Consolidation

We have been consolidating freight for our retail partners for over 35 years. Local pick up and building loads "high and tight" are the backbone of our service offerings. Today, most consolidation services require some form of Value Added Service that we perform to help our clients process freight more efficiently through their supply chain.

Technology is what really drives our business today. Each box that moves across our docks has an EDI file that accompanies it, allowing our customers to track and plan more effectively than ever before. Online shipment tracking and tracing shows you the exact location of a shipment, from shipment availability to dispatch to arrival back to our facility to final departure from our facility. Customized reporting capabilities track vendor performance along with transportation costs. Read more.

Pier/Rail Drayage

The Triangle Group currently picks up over 11,000 containers from the NY/NJ and CA ports. Triangle goes the extra effort by owning its own chassis, which allows our drivers to pick up more containers for our customers. Additionally, in California, our customers benefit from lower dray costs because all containers are picked up at night and we do not charge a CTF like most CA based providers.


The Triangle Group has strategically located deconsolidation facilities in port locations throughout the country providing regional product handling, distribution, and drayage. Our combination of automated and manual facilities can off load, sort, segregate, and load product for multiple destinations, and we offer value added deconsolidation services such as label creation, carton labeling, scanning, quality inspections and special project work.

All information flow is controlled through our TMS from the time product is on the water until it is loaded and released on an outbound trailer. All of our locations are CTPAT compliant and covered by 24 x 7 security and all containers and trailers are monitored and tracked daily by our state-of-the-art YMS that provides on-demand, real-time automated reporting. Scalability and timely processing of your product are our core deconsolidation competencies, and we pride ourselves on truly understanding the time sensitivity of getting goods from the port to your DC's or stores. We truly identify with your deconsolidation needs.

National LTL and Truckload

Having the right TL and LTL transportation resources available to complement your overall supply chain is vital. Our online LTL tool allows you to choose the LTL carrier that best meets your time and cost requirements. You can book your shipment online as well as track its movement to your facility. Click here for a free quote.

Store Deliveries and Pool

The Triangle Group has over 20 years of experience with different types of deliveries including mall, strip center, and freestanding store deliveries. We support various store delivery applications and utilize carton scanning technology on our docks, with our drivers, and in our customers’ stores. Our years of experience combined with our store delivery assets allow us to efficiently and effectively complete the critical last mile of the supply chain. Whether we are helping stock a new store, delivering fixtures to an existing store, or rushing product to a store the day after Thanksgiving, we are available for that delivery, and for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Specialized Services

Our drivers handle a broad variety of freight. This freight diversity has given them the experience they need to handle any difficult situation that may arise.

Summary of Services

We understand how important each shipment is to your Company’s continued success.

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