IT Solutions

We help make our client's job easier by providing them just-in-time information and transparency throughout the supply chain through proprietary IT platforms and an extremely knowledgeable and proactive management team.

The Triangle Group's information technology is second to none.  As our IT platforms have grown, we provide best-in-class, real time tracking and tracing from origin overseas all the way through the supply chain to destination. Our warehouse management systems provide real time visibilty to product movement as well as an end-to-end e-commerce solution for small and large shippers. 


Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Full License Plate Control supported by Oracle WMS Cloud. Supports all storage, pick and ship functionality. Supports full order and inventory management tools. Request a Demo.

Transportation Management System (TMS)

Our highly customized TMS software has been developed in-house based on Softpoint technology. Many of the biggest and best U.S. retailers have relied on our TMS for decades. Our TMS is event driven and integrated in real time with our YMS. Request a Demo.

Yard Management System (YMS)

Real time yard management allows our customers to view and track the assets in our yards in real time using our next generation cloud-based yard management software by Exotrac.

With ExoTrac, employees use a GPS-equipped mobile scanning device to perform field-based functions in real-time. Gives freedom from clipboards and walkie-talkies; the ability of managing moves at the touch of a button leads to greater productivity and efficiency in Yard Operations.

Triangle also uses ExoTrac to provide inventory management by tracking items (pallets, assets, drums etc) and recording information as they are unloaded and put away.

Flexibility in generating customized reports, facilitates door/dock scheduling, ensures direct put away optimization, and supplies on-demand automated yard activity data capture with enterprise-wide visibility. By allowing transparency on all levels, YardTrac helps a company better utilize its staff, increase productivity, enhance security, and strengthen our clients' bottom line

International Tracking and Tracing

Our proprietary real time tracing from origin down to PO level, visible on-line.

  1. Early Visibility
    Begin tracking as early as when the supplier makes a booking with SBS. If you use our PO management tool, visibility begins when the PO is created.
  2. Real-Time
    Online data is pulling from the same location as SBS employees. Your data is as up-to-date as ours.
  3. Tracking Details
    Tracking page contains shipment and container details, order and part information, milestones and events, documents, Customs declaration and ISF details.
  4. Customizable
    Every business has different needs, so we built our tracking system to adapt to our customers (not the reverse.) If you have specific needs, we will tailor the tracking page to meet them.
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