Distribution & Warehousing

Pick and Pack Fulfillment

Our Warehouse Management System gives you the ability to review your orders, see your inventory, and track your merchandise online 24 hours a day and seven days a week. If you are traveling and need to have a sample item rushed to your meeting, you can do that online as well.

Within the Triangle facilities, every product is electronically received, located, and traced throughout the warehouse using RF technology and barcodes. Scan and Pack stations provide for a high level of accuracy and improve operational efficiency. Our extensive experience with EDI integration gives us the ability to communicate electronically with all major retailers and suppliers.

Routing experts constantly monitor routing guides to ensure the latest vendor compliance information is followed eliminating costly chargebacks and in store fill percentages. Let our experts provide the competitive advantage you need to beat the competition.

Direct to Consumer E-Commerce

The Triangle Group is quickly expanding its e-commerce platforms and reputation as one of the best in class providers of DTC fulfillment. Providing solutions for both large and small shippers, our flexibility and knowledge are second to none. Our experienced team becomes an extension of your organization, working closely with you to provide a great customer experience. Your online business will be supported by a team with extensive manufacturing, retail, and e-commerce experience. Offering a comprehensive end-to-end solution for both large shippers, as well as small start-ups, you can have confidence that we will deliver quicker e-commerce success by partnering with Triangle to grow your e-commerce fulfillment business.


Direct to Store Shipping (DTSS)

Triangle is currently shipping over 1 million cartons annually direct to stores via its DTSS program. Our retail customers are saving huge dollars by bypassing their supply chains and taking advantage of Triangle's expertise in this cutting edge way in order to shave money and time from the supply chain. Read more here.

Floor Ready Value Added Services

The Triangle Group has performed assembly and VAS services for its clients for over 40 years and has a dedicated Quality Control Team that is dedicated to assisting our clients in saving time and money with their expertise in this area of our business. Currently we have a dedicated space in all facilities for this kind of work. Triangle offers the widest range of "value added services" including:

With mid and larger shippers in mind, Triangle has developed a true end to end supply chain complete with best-in-class IT tracking and tracing from origin to destination. Click here for a video link and DEMO. Triangle's International Department coordinates:

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